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A.C.E. logo

Client: Assoc. for Consciousness Exploration

original ACE logoI created the logotype in the center of the 'egg' as the first evolution from the original design (shown left) created in 1980. At the time, computer type in that style was futuristic (remember, they were using punch cards) and pointed towards new frontiers. When I first started helping ACE with its image it was 1994. The 'future' already came and went and another 'new frontier' was just being glimpsed, the internet.

new ACE logoThe board of directors did not want to see a radical redesign because they did have recognition in their distribution of lecture and music cassettes. To alleviate their fears I kept the basic shape and font but angled it 23° to represent acceleration into the future and rounded the corners to reduce 'drag' while getting there.

new ACE logo in egg formThe 'egg' developed soon afterwards as a means to add layers to the logo, as if the logo was being projected on iteself. The egg also helps to isolate the logo when placed on a complex or busy background which was common for future applications.

ACE logo