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Interphaz template

Client: Interphaz, a Navicor company

Project: Workshop presentation template

Interphaz, one of our offshoot companies, needed a quick PowerPoint template for an oncology tradeshow workshop happening the next day. I quickly put together two options for them and they chose the one you see here. Once I saw the contents of the deck I knew that I had to make the graphics and details more branded to Interphaz rather than Navicor. I drew on elements of their logo for bullet points, the platform graphic (which was the theme), and a process model graphic. The process graphic is used widely in Navicor presentations (shown below). I wanted the model to maintain its meaning yet be completely ownable by Interphaz. Since the contents of the deck would be populated by several people I included a color palette with RGB breakdowns and alternate colors for anyone to use.


Did it work? I had several people from both the creative teams and account teams come by to see what I did after my creative director went around bragging about the new image.

It's the little things that count.

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