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Client: Association for Consciousness Exploration

Project: Starwood Festival 2005

Cover Photo by: Ethan Eisenberg

As with many ACE projects the original idea I had for this mailing cover was completely different than what it became. It was supposed to be a recreation of a 'Wizard of Oz' poster but with festival goers on a yellow path to Starwood. Timing difficulties and more timing difficulties forced me to start rethinking my vision of the theme, 'Coming Om.'

I started thinking about old photos from my younger days, reminiscing those times, and thinking about the 25th anniversary as well. From those thoughts emerged this cover. Indeed finding the right image was all important and I was very lucky to have stumbled across this great photo from a Starwood past. It speaks volumes about the festival in the best way...human action.

See also: Starwood Festival 2005 web site

Starwood Festival XXV cover
Starwood Festival XXV mailer