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Client: The Navicor Group/Roche

Project: Sales Representative detail aid

This was the third sales aid design of mine that went through to completion, I think it's the most progressive (for this product) out of the lot, which is why it's here.

This was a great project overall. We enlisted the help of San Francisco-based photographers, Lorenz & Avelar (, for both the model shoot and the background compositing, which were both shot separately. I was on-site and co-directed the shoot made up of 2 models in a wide variety of poses that could be used of the year long campaign. The background compositing was made up of multiple custom shots along with purchased stock photography to convey just the right message.

For this project, I also created the look of the various charts and graphs seen throughout the piece. With print work such as this, used while standing with doctors to demonstrate new treatment data, simplicity and clarity of the data is extremely important. By adding the backlighting effect to graphs and charts and isolating dosing information the reps were able to tell their story quickly and accurately.

Xeloda detail aid, cover

Xeloda detail aid, spread

Xeloda detail aid, spread