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Duffy Homes

(site has since changed)

Design, HTML, CSS: JR Prospal
Programming: Cameron Anderson

Built with communities in mind.

I analyzed several dozen competitor websites in preparation of this project. By tracking the parts of each site that I liked/disliked or found frustrating/ingenious I created a position where, as a homebuyer, I would thoroughly enjoy using this site.

The mini community location map provides a necessary "redundancy pool" to move around the site quickly, but yet still a little exploratory. Just as I expected, one visitor wrote to me, " freakin' easy it is to get to communities and the home styles. Some of the other sites really make you work to find that stuff, and it's annoying. You've got the most important items right there on the front page. It's awesome."

photo of square and rectangular brick cobblestones, interlocked in a patternThis design was inspired by interlocking patterns of the brick cobblestone pavers used on streets and sidewalks in their communities. The metaphor being, 'the perfect fit'.

Duffy Homes website
Duffy Homes community map page
Duffy Homes community detail page