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Ohio Biological Survey

Design: JR Prospal & Janna Thompson
HTML, CSS: JR Prospal

This was a joint project with fellow designer Janna Thompson. We co-designed the interface and graphics while I coded the site.

When we first approached this redesign project we were very excited by the subject matter. We wanted this site to have an artistic flair yet let visitors know that this is an academic site with serious research. Fortunately, both Janna and I see the beauty within the diversity of Ohio's flaura and fauna. When we saw the photo of the centipede we both immediately knew that we wanted to use it as our main image. Having the screen split in half, black and white, proved very useful in considering the viewing width of the site.

Being an academic site also proved to have its own considerations. We wanted to keep as many links as possible in text form so they could be easily changed, as well as speed up the download time.