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The Starwood Festival XXV

Design, XHTML, CSS: JR Prospal
Programming: Wishdiak
Text: Shawn Miller

Created in 1980 by college students at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH, the Starwood Festival is enjoying its 25th Anniversary in the counter culture.

I volunteered to create this site and the overall look for the graphics of this festival because of the 25 year significance. It is rare that an event makes this milestone with a staff maintained by volunteers. They presented me with the theme of 'Coming Om', which they intend to mean 'returning to the sound that is the sound of everything'. After experimenting with a few design directions, I felt a very earthy, worn look felt warm and welcoming. Because A.C.E. needed the site up by a previously published deadline this site went from concept to upload in two weeks.

See also: The Starwood Festival XXV mailer

Starwood festival 2005 home page