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Tobacco-Free Ohio

site no longer available

Design: JR Prospal
Programming: Steve Rudy

The American Cancer Society needed an informational site for lobbyists and citizens to learn about non-smoking initiatives in Ohio.

This site was produced on a very small budget so I thought it best to keep the design simple and modular, knowing that they would take it in-house once finished. Administration screens were added to allow a relatively untrained person make changes to all of the content within the site.

Once the site was finished Steve and I presented an hour long instructional session to all of the staff members, including hand-outs of common html commands. I feel we achieved our goal by the very nice comments from the client, "The training went extremely well. JR and Steve are simply amazing. They have made this process so easy for us to learn and to use. My staff is terrified of technology, and by the end of the session, they were all updating our website with ease."

So far (knock on wood) it's still online and updated regularly, so i guess the lesson stuck.

Tobacco-Free Ohio home page
Tobacco-Free Ohio Fact Sheet page
Tobacco-Free Ohio Policy Issues page